WTF is nouns?

Nouns is a NO-rights-reserved​ brand. The Nouns on-chain avatar community is at the forefront of the web 3.0 world, promoting Nouns brand with skateparks, movies, sculptures, animations, glasses, schools, games, coding, beers, and anything else you can imagine, just like WATCHES. Check out WTF is Nouns here.

DWISS x ⌐◨-◨ 

DWISS is a Swiss microbrand watch company funded in Lugano in 2011 and winner of several design awards, now landing into web3 by producing iconic watches for one of the most successful on-chain communities: Nouns!
It's our opportunity to create something remarkable, making history in web3, blockchain, and horology!


Noggle-Inspired: A design that is half watch, half ⌐◨-◨, literally. Using a mysterious hours display, a full day is displayed only in half of the dial, and there's more! The hands of this iconic timepiece also forms the Nouns logo (the Noogles) each hour, so every hour will be Nouns o’clock. 


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