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Pre-order your Nouns Watch today directly on our website! Enjoy a special discount for a limited time only. Delivery is scheduled for July 2024!

"Every Tick Tells a Story. Every Day, Forever."

⌐◨-◨ Nouns Watch: web3's most iconic timepiece!



How purchase a Nouns Watch?

You can pre-order Nouns Watch today directly in our website with a special discount, you can pay using crypto, credit card or paypal. The watches will be delivered in July.

What is Nouns Watch?

Nouns Watch is a unique venture made possible through the generous sponsorship of the NounsDAO treasury. These limited-edition watches are now available to pre-order. With your help, we will create web3's most iconic timepiece!

WTF is Nouns?

Nouns is a NO rights reserved brand. Nouns on-chain avatar community is in the forefront of the web 3.0 world, promoting skateparks, movies, sculptures, animations, glasses, schools, games, coding, beers, and anything else you can imagine, just like WATCHES.


DWISS is a Swiss watch brand founded in 2011 winner of numerous design awards, who is bringing watchmaking to web3! DWISS will be producing and delivering the Nouns watches right to your front door.

About the watch

The Nouns Watch features a slim Japanese movement Miyota GL22 with a unique time display. The hands of the watch are inspired by the Noggles, and you can effortlessly read the time using half of the dial.

How to read the time?

The mysterious hours show the hours only in half of the dial. Where the minute hands rotates in the inner part of the dial and the hours outside. Every hour the hands creates a Nouns O'clock effect (when the minutes and the hours align) with the Noggles showing up.